"Decisions about your family can never be made lightly. Before you hire a family law attorney, you must educate yourself and recognize you need to know what you don’t know. It’s important to gather correct and practical information right from the start. It is well worth the investment of your time and money."

-Sandra C. Fava

Protecting Your Business

Things to consider to protect your business in a divorce 

Income Imbalance

Does this have to cause strain in a marriage?

How to Protect Your Finances

Tips for protecting your finances before, during and after divorce

Evaluating Your Relationship

Explore the top 10 signs that you have a healthy relationship

Hiring a Divorce Mediator

5 Questions to ask when hiring a divorce mediator

Counseling and Therapy

Have you considered these tips?

Financial Planning

Take these steps to get a plan in place

Is Divorce Right For You?

This checklist will help you decide if getting divorced is right for you

Prenuptial Agreements

Understanding prenuptial agreements in the state of NJ

Medical Divorce

A grim reality and what you can do to help

Divorce After 50

The challenges of the

gray divorce

Choosing the Right Advisor

The 5 most important questions to ask your potential advisor

Telling Your Kids

An age-by-age guide to telling your kids about divorce 

"I am currently Sandra's client. Sandra's knowledge and expertise in New Jersey family law is extensive. She exudes professionalism in the courtroom. She is kind, compassionate and has shown understanding in all of her dealings with me. She's helped me navigate through some of the most difficult experiences, as I find my way through a situation I never imagined I would be in. " 

-Cristina B.

Disclaimer: This website cannot provide specific advice about your divorce. It is not a substitute for having an attorney. A lawyer can give you specific advice about your case and help you protect all of your rights. Please review Fox Rothschild’s Terms of Use Here

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