"Family law issues are complex and emotional.  Dispute resolution rarely happens overnight. There are factors you can control and many that you cannot. You need a trusted and zealous advocate to see you through - someone who will provide you with effective strategies, innovative solutions and compassionate counsel."


- Sandra C. Fava


Tax Guide to Divorce

How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changed divorce


Have a Financial Plan

How to stay financially secure when splitting up


Mental Health

Here are some valuable coping tips designed to help you


Child Custody Checklist

Use this child custody checklist to prepare for divorce

Father & Daughter

Family Counseling

Determine if hiring a counselor is best for your family


Prepare for Court

10 Tips to prepare for court


The Marital Home

Deciding whether to fight for the marital home

Analysing the Numbers

Save Money & Time

Preparing for the divorce process – how to save money & time


Custody Evaluations

Check out this helpful guide to preparing for custody evaluations.


The Costs of Divorce

Holding on to bitterness and resentment will cost you


Billion-Dollar Divorces

What happens when the super wealthy risk everything for love?

Chatting after Class

Divorce Sabotage

Don't let your divorce affect your children's life and education

For Sale

Selling Your Home

Practical tips for dividing

personal property

"I found Sandra to be understanding of my situation, organized in her thoughts, and prompt in reaching out to me when we needed to discuss specific concerns. If anyone were to ask for a recommendation from me, I wouldn't think twice. I'd send them to Sandra for the above reasons."

- Kenneth T.